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Recommended total annual CVI budget
    Cost of Violence Report
    A report calculating the true cost of violence to the local, state, and federal government.
    City Violence Prevention Plan
    Information on the violence prevention plan the city is currently implementing.
    Gun Violence Problem Analysis
    Data analysis on the city’s gun violence problem.
    Location Data
    Estimated population at highest risk for near-term violence
    Number of Homicides
    Per 100,000 Homicide Rate
    Recommended Staff & Resources
    Street Outreach Workers
    Professional community workers who track key conflicts within communities, build relationships with high-risk individuals, and work with other skilled professionals to interrupt violence.
    Professional community workers who mediate conflict among high-risk individuals and groups, respond to shooting scenes and hospitals, and coordinate services for victims and families.
    Case Managers
    Professionals who support the needs of high-risk clients using wraparound care.
    Family Case Managers
    Professionals who support the needs of high-risk clients’ families using wraparound care.
    Victim Advocates
    Professionals who advise crime victims of their rights, advocate for them in law enforcement settings, and assist them in navigating the criminal justice and social services systems.
    HVIP Violence Intervention Specialists
    Professional community workers hired to work within hospitals to build a trusting relationship with high-risk individuals who are victims of violence. They provide intensive case management for at least 6 months within the community.
    CVI Supervisors
    Supervisors of community-based organizations who manage staff, organize professional development, and institute trauma support.
    OVP Staff
    Government employees who operate the Office of Violence Prevention and its strategies, including the director, assistant director, community engagement manager, data analyst, and services liaison.
    Budget Breakdown
    Additional Wraparound Support
    Frontline CVI Workers
    CVI Supervision & City OVP Staff
    Staff Training & Technical Assistance
    Evaluation & Data Support


    Enter your city’s projected annual budget for CVI, excluding your budget for law enforcement.
    City Contribution
    County Contribution
    State Contribution
    Federal Contribution
    Private Contribution
    About Our Methodology
    This formula is informed by technical experts’ experiences implementing CVI strategies in cities throughout the U.S.
    All population data is extracted from the U.S Census.
    ‘Estimated high-risk population’ is derived by calculating roughly 0.1% of population size or reviewing reports by the National Institute of Criminal Justice Reform which provide more customized estimates using local data. For specific locations, the estimated target population is a portion of the total high-risk population. The number provided may reflect the target population rather than the total high-risk population.
    Projected staffing levels are calculated by determining the recommended case load for each CVI staff function relative to estimated high-risk population, with adjustments made for economies of scale for larger cities.
    Projected budget for CVI staff, CVI supervision, and OVP staff are calculated based on estimated national pay averages and benefits for each staff position.
    ‘Staff Training and Technical Assistance’ and ‘Data and Evaluation Support’ are calculated at 25% and 15% of total staffing costs respectively.
    Project budget for CVI Wraparound services reflect the housing, employment, health, and social services tied directly to estimated high risk population and their families. Wraparound services do not include criminal justice and law enforcement expenses.
    The Coalition for Public Safety seeks to refine and enrich our methodology as more data becomes available. CAPS welcomes feedback from partners who seek to improve our modeling.
    For more information, please contact our national technical assistance experts.